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"Being able to relive and experience all those incredible moments and also the ones you missed really is an irreplaceable memory and one you just can't put a price tag on."

"To be honest it didn't even feel like we had a videographer there..."

"For those of you deciding whether to get a video, please do it! And please make sure it's Sam. Such a friendly and fun face to have around for the day and his work is absolutely incredible."

"Absolutely best decision we made to have something like this created to remember it all by. Thank you one million times!"


I must be the luckiest person alive, I meet inspiring people every week and (over a coffee or vino) conjour up ideas as to how we can capture their magical day. I get to hang out at the greatest party of their life, and not only soak in the atmosphere at the ceremony or reception, but I also get to feel the electric anticipation of the morning before - the getting ready and the first champagne popped.

I dart around the party keeping my eyes open, trying to capture all the little details that have been meticulously fussed over for the past year or more, the details that can be so easily forgotten.

I'm so grateful to be a part of something so beautiful and intimate week-in-week-out, and I treasure the connections that I have made while doing this, while always looking forward to meeting the next love-drunk couple to work with.

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